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  Pension Funding - Sell Your Military Pension, Company Pension, Government Pension, or Veteran Pension for a Cash Lump Sum!

We Submit Your Pension Cash Advance Request to a Network of Investors Nationwide & Guarantee Top Dollar!

 Pension Funding - Sell Your Military or Company Pension Payments for Cash!

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First American Finance Corporation has become the nation's leader in locating niche pension advance funding providers that offer cash advances to pension recipients in exchange for their Military Pension, Company Pension, Police and Fire Pension, Teacher Pension, and other types of Pension Payments. Our success is attributed to understanding exactly what our customers want in a pension funding company. Competitive pricing; outstanding customer service; and quick funding. Our direct relationships with numerous private pension funding providers and pension funding sources across the country and our knowledge of their individual strengths allow us to offer our clients the most competitive pricing in the industry. 

We have helped numerous individuals obtain a cash advance in exchange for their pension payments to generate the lump sum cash they needed to pay-off credit cards, buy a car, purchase a new home, pay for college, pay medical expenses, start businesses, and obtain the financial freedom that they desired. Our providers have the ability to structure a pension buy out that will meet your immediate needs and long term goals, as well as fund you very quickly. We will consider any pension payment stream that is paid out over time.

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Put your future pension payments to work for YOU today!

The current available programs can provide a lump sum of cash in exchange for the next 8 yrs. of your pension payments.

Use your funds for:

  • Debt Consolidation

  • Divorce Settlements

  • Home Purchase

  • Pay-off a Delinquent or Default Mortgage Loan

  • Automobile Purchase

  • Pay-off a Delinquent or Default Automobile Loan

  • Pay-off Delinquent or Default Credit Card Accounts that may be incurring additional Late Fees or Over the Limit charges each month

  • Investment

  • Starting a Business

  • Pay for School Tuition

  • ANY legitimate use of funds is acceptable.

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    Types of Pension Payments Our Funding Providers will consider

    Most types of pension payments are eligible. This program is available to all U.S. residents.

    Payment Types:

  • Military Pension

  • Company Pension

  • Police and Fire Pension

  • Teacher Pension

  • ANY State or Federal Government Pension

  • Our providers DO NOT advance funds on Social Security Benefits

  • Our providers DO NOT advance funds on VA Disability Benefits

  • How Does the Pension Cash Advance Program Work?

    First American Finance Corp. has created relationships with private pension funding sources and pension buyers that will pay a lump sum of cash in exchange for the next 8 yrs. of future pension payments.  The first step is for us to provide you with a free, no-obligation estimate of how much of a lump-sum cash we can obtain from our funding providers in exchange for your future payments. You will receive an estimate within 2-3 business days, if you provide an email address or telephone number.  If you like the quote, you will receive a full application by email to complete and return and the process will begin.

    Who is eligible for Pension Funding?

    All person currently receiving monthly pension payments.  Qualifying applicants MUST also have an alternative supporting income source, such as employment.  Social Security and/or VA Disability is NOT an acceptable alternative source of income.   Persons receiving military pensions must be out of the service at least 6 months.

    What is the minimum payment amount your funding providers will purchase?

    8 yr. program: Our provider can purchase payments of $500 or more per month.

    Is there a maximum payment amount your funding providers will purchase?

    8 yr. program:  This program allows our provider to purchase up to 75% of your net payment amount, without any limitation on the maximum payment amount we can collect.

    Are there any credit requirements?

    8 year program:  Credit requirement are more strict, and the pricing is more favorable for qualifying applicants with GOOD CREDIT history looking for larger funding amounts.

    Are there any age limitations?

    No.  Any person of legal age with an alternative income source will be considered.

    Are people who have filed for bankruptcy eligible?

    Yes, but the bankruptcy must have been discharged at least 12 months previously. Additionally, the credit history since the bankruptcy must be fair.

    What is the average time for funding?

    8 yr. program:  It usually takes approximately 4 to 6 weeks from the time you forward your completed financial information package to the provider.

    Are there any restrictions on the use of funds?

    Our funding providers do not require any specific use for the funds. Education, home, medical bills, bill consolidation, recreational vehicles, vacations, investments, etc. All legitimate purposes are acceptable.

    Do I need to own a home to qualify?

    No. Home ownership is not required. In fact, stable renters are often strong qualifiers.

    Do I need Life Insurance?

    8 year program:  Yes.  Life Insurance is required.  However, the entire cost of the required life insurance policy is paid by the investor, and is NOT deducted from your cash advance.

    Why isnít the amount of money paid to me [the pensioner] equal to the total sum of all the payments that will be collected?

    The up-front lump sum cash advance received by the pensioner is substantially less than the total value of the sum of payments that would have been collected over the extended period of time.  Current dollars are more valuable than future dollars.  Just like lottery winnings, a winner can collect all of his money over twenty years, or choose to receive approximately 30-40% of the total amount at the time of winning as a cash option.  The rate of discount is similar to receive a cash advance on pension payments.  However, depending on the program chosen, the lump sum you will receive from our providers will be approximately 40-50% of the total sum of payments purchased!

    Example of the 96 month (8 yr.) Pension Advance Program

    EXAMPLE #1:  96 monthly payments of $500 per month = $20,129.00 Advance

    Advance = 41.94% of the total sum of 96 payments (comparable to 26.00% APR*)

    EXAMPLE #2:  96 monthly payments of $750 per month = $30,193.00 Advance

    Advance = 41.94% of the total sum of 96 payments (comparable to 26.00% APR*)

    EXAMPLE #3:  96 monthly payments of $1,000 per month = $40,258.00 Advance

    Advance = 41.94% of the total sum of 96 payments (comparable to 26.00% APR*)


    Most pension cash advance companies only offer to pay 25 - 40% of the total sum of payments purchased.  Our Funding Providers are paying 39-49%.

    Are there ways to repay the loan early?

    This program is actually not a loan. Early repayment is not an option. The program is a contractual agreement between you and our payment buyer for which you agree to sell your next 8 yrs. of pension payments.  Therefore, our providers are agreeing to offer you a lump sum of cash up-front for your commitment to have your next 8 yrs. worth of payments forwarded to the funding provider. 

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    *DISCLOSURE:  We are advised by our providers that, although pension advance funding services are commonly referred to as Pension Loans or a Pension Loan, the transactions are NOT loans and are considered to be an advance on future pension payments.  Although First American Finance Corp. is not a direct pension funding provider, in attempt to provide meaningful and comparable cost disclosure to our clients, the cost of such financial transactions, when calculated as a yearly rate, has been provided for your reference above.  The estimates above are common terms offered by the providers.  However, actual terms offered by providers may only be determined after a full review of each applicant's financial profile.

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